Monday, November 8, 2010

Text insults from a doody-head

Why is it that so many people lack class?

I suppose what I mean to say is, why do some people have terribly poor communication skills. i.e., often resort to "hitting below the belt" in order to illicit some sort of reaction and regain a sense of power or control. Get real, y'all. This is how little-ass kids interact. Oh, you took my play-doh, so I'm going to call you a puke-face or a doody-head and kick ya shins. Unfortunately, it seems that many of us don't leave these habits on the play ground.

This is on my mind because it literally just happened to me two minutes ago (via text message, which makes it even better - people get ballsy when they don't have to say things to your face or even out loud into your ear). Small scale, it was a jab from an ongoing situation that I wish would just end. It's a dead horse being mercilessly beaten. Holy crap, and you guys already know this little shit without me having to introduce him. The guy that "took me out for a great time" on my birthday! I never talked to him again after that. I also moved out of the state like 2 days later, so I figured it was extra useless to waste any energy beyond hitting the ignore and delete buttons. He kept calling. And texting. Calling. And texting. Drunk dialing and leaving pathetic voicemails. Drunk texting ridiculous things. "I thought I showed you a good time," "I really care about you," "Why won't you answer me? :'(," "Jennyyyy I have something for u."

I motherfucking hate being called Jenny. There are like 10 people that are allowed to call me that, and it isn't spelled that way. That is not the point. This began in September. 'I have something for u' came last week. Tonight I got "You know, I tried to be nice 2 u, spent a lot of money. Now I realize ur just a hoe. Tried to fuck me for drugs." There are so many things wrong with that, I barely know where to start, but I'll go with the obvious misspelling of 'ho.' Unless he was trying to call me a garden tool. I'm pretty sure he's the tool here. Second, not sure where the niceness came in that night...maybe when he lunged at me and tried to tongue-rape my mouth? I am pretty sure the only money he spent was on his "party supplies," and then the scant amount I requested for my cab ride the hell home when he was too whacked out to take me himself. I wouldn't have tried to have sex with him for drugs, fame, fortune, or fucking immortality, so I'm not sure where that came from, other than his advances toward me. Maybe he started hallucinating at some point.

I haven't had an urge to respond to him the whole time until he called me a whore. "Just a whore," at that. What is that about? My best understanding is that he must be feeling like his power was taken away since I am not responding, so by putting me down, he is putting himself one up. So he wins. So I could respond, which would add to his newly gained sense of power, because that would mean he got me to do that. I could call him names and tell him why he is lower than I am. We could go back and forth. What the shitknobby hell is the point of that?

I actually did intend to get more into the topic of healthy communication, but I think I will save that for another post.

I got a completely random text from him, weeks later, saying he was sorry he said that and he had been going through a hard time.
Makes sense, I attempt to degrade people via text as a means of coping with my own discomfort ALL of the time. Asshole.
I briefly thought, "Maybe he isn't quite such a doody-head after all," but I didn't feel the need to respond or anything.
A few days later he sent me a text with his new number. Fuck offffffff.

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  1. His behavior is a classic representation of cognitive dissonance. His fantasy of reciprocal affection, now confused by your lack of consistency with that fantasy, causes him to call into question his ability to evaluate his standing with the people around him. And his own worth. It is easer to deem you a doody head and question your values then it is for him to start reevaluating himself and his true worth in the world.

    You totally kicked arse with this post. I like it when your pissed off. It makes for good reading.