Friday, December 10, 2010

I'm nuttier than a squirrel turd, and that is A-OKAY!

I used to tell myself I wasn't crazy. I'd say "Sometimes people think I am crazy, but I'm really not..." followed by whatever explanation about how my thought patterns or behavior are normal, sane, rational, whatever.
Well, it came to my attention this summer that I AM, in fact, quite round the bend. When people think of the kind of crazy that does NOT involve hearing voices in one's head and seeing things, but does involve neurosis and unfathomable behavior and thoughts, they are thinking of things that I think, say, and do. Or have in the past. Regularly. I am, fortunately, a rather high-functioning crazy person, but I am still motherfucking crazy, and I don't feel the need to split hairs about it. In fact, I feel the need to claim it. Proudly. Crazy isn't necessarily a bad thing...especially if you know you are, and you're working on it (It's the people that
are unapologetically batshit and not doing anything about it that you have to watch out for).

It isn't uncommon to go through a lot of fucked up shit and come out of it a little twacked. It is frighteningly commonplace, as a matter of fact. People shouldn't have to be ashamed just because they don't think/react to things the same way other people do. No matter how your brain works, you're still a human being. I mean this as a blanket statement, but I would like to specifically mention schizophrenics, trauma survivors, addicts, MRDD and individuals with dementia. It is disgusting the way some people treat these segments of our society. I have seen and experienced some of it first hand.

Just because someone doesn't think that they can survive another day reliving their past via PTSD symptoms and their desperation leads them to attempting suicide does not mean you need to talk to them like they are a second class citizen, or are stupid. If someone thinks it is snowing in the living room, you don't have to be condescending about letting them know it isn't, nor is it ever, EVER appropriate to use someone's disability against them [Sidenote: If anyone comments about the importance of using PC terms like "differently abled," be prepared for me to show up right behind you with a machete]. Ever. Stealing from some old lady because you know she won't remember it is absolutely despicable. Toying with her emotions because she can't always tell who you are? Not funny. Not cute. I don't give a shit if she will forget it ten minutes later, this is a Person, not a Pin cushion. I'm not making this shit up, either. It's not a random rant. Some people that are entrusted to care for people that often are not able to care for themselves either resent the population they are caring for, or have other issues of their own, and they abuse their power as well as the people they are supposed to be helping. It is incredibly unsettling and very sad.


  1. I don't think of you as crazy. More like Psychologically imaginative.
    Political correctness has allowed people to ignore the needs of so many people simply by putting a positive venere on the truth. To say a person is differently abled is like saying that they dont have a problem because they have compensated for it in some other way.

    We use this type of thinking to let ourselves of the hook. So to speek. So that we can go about our day in the beliefe that all is good in the world and know-one needs my help because they are differently abled, not disabled.

    I feel like grabbing people by the neck and shaking them so hard that their brain sloshes back and forth in their skulls while shouting "wake the fuck up, arsehole". But of course that would make me the cra.... differently abled one.

    People have become very good at slapping a label on someone so that they can dismiss them in one way or another. The net result of PC was that negative labels were exchanged with positive ones so that we could feel good about ourselves while still ignoring those people. We have minimalised them in a positive way. We didn't fix the problems, we just found a way to ignore them and feel good about it. How fucked up is that.

    I hope this is all making sense.

  2. Nice spin there...psychologically imaginative. Yeah.

    Totally makes sense, and thank you for the beautifully illustrated image of the grab-and-shake.

    I share that sentiment from time to time.

  3. I think you are crazy wonderful!! And, I agree with you about people taking advantage of or mistreating those who cannot protect themselves. People who do that should have their heads twisted off - slowly. :o)