Tuesday, December 21, 2010

'Child Rape for Dummies' Book Sparks Controversy

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This unassuming fellow(/creeper from creeptown), Philip R. Greaves II, was arrested yesterday afternoon for selling his self-published gift to the world, "The Pedophile's Guide to Love and Pleasure: A Child-Lover's Code of Conduct," the title of which reflects the content from his clearly demented vantage point. This how-to guide was, frighteningly enough, available on Amazon.com until recently. Authorities were able to apprehend Mr. Greaves after he sent an autographed copy to undercover police officers in the mail, for fifty dollars. [Anyone else notice he has a smug-fuck-of-a-grin on his face, even in his mug shot? Do you think that has to do with being a II?] Further pretentiousness:
Ol' Phil II asserts in the book that pedophiles are misunderstood- that the word itself means to love a child. Hug a nut, buddy. That is NOT what love looks like. He literally gives step by step instructions, including how to instruct children to lie to their parents.

These shenanigans have sparked legal debate. Is this arrest, which was based on an obscenity charge, trampling on his freedom of speech? Are you fucking kidding me? I'm not surprised that the issue was raised, but really? A guide on how to molest children. Freedom of speech only goes so far, and it doesn't even cover yelling "FIRE" in a crowded theater, which I think is a much less dangerous thing to do than instructing x number of people in something this horrific. Sexual abuse leaves permanent scars, visible and otherwise. If it were a book about the feelings he is having and the associated struggles, I would be totally supportive of it. God, even if he wanted to talk about how gloriously attractive he finds kids, I could be tolerant... despite despising his message- and I would have to be praying my ass off that someday he develops the willingness to seek help instead of indulging unhealthy and damaging urges.

As infuriating as it is to me when I hear stories like this, it is also infuriating to me when I hear people say things like 'child molesters should be castrated.' No, they shouldn't. Before anyone blasts me with "If you had been through something like that you would think they should be killed or worse!" or some kind of blibbity blah nonsense like that, let me mention that I am a survivor of sexual trauma. I think it is important to say so without shame, because I didn't do anything bad or wrong to deserve it, nor does having been through it mean that I am now defective in some way. A lot of people who have been through these things do not realize that for a long time, if ever. People are not their actions, or what has happened to them. This is most of why I don't have vengeful feelings toward perpetrators. I don't think of them as horrid, vicious, awful people. They are human beings who have made bad choices. Often they have been abused themselves. Even if someone is somehow evil to the core (which I don't even think is possible, but hypothetically), evil + evil does NOT = good. It just equals more evil. Inflicting pain on someone because they inflicted pain on someone else just doesn't make sense in my mind. It's a self perpetuating cycle.

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  1. I don't think that I really need to say anything here. You have already said it so well. I tip my hat to you. (do people still do that?)