Wednesday, January 19, 2011

From Slanket to Jeggings

I was editing a post I wrote a while ago that mentioned how I wanted to make myself an electric snuggie the other day, when I stumbled upon this gem:

After collecting myself, I shared this video on Facebook, which prompted my friend Annabelle to share another video with me:

I have gotten quite a lot of mileage making fun of the Snuggie, not to mention the variety of retarded options that have followed in its footsteps, but a Snuggie ripoff is one thing. Pajama Jeans? Different animal. Sure, Snuggies are a stupid waste of $15, and a few of the snuggie-type-thingies are much better ideas that are dramatically over priced (See Hoodie-Footie), but these "designer jeans" offend my sensibilities. They offer a "complete outift" (pajama jeans and a plain grey crew neck t-shirt, which is supposedly a $100 value) for like $50. A fucking t-shirt and FAKE jeans for fifty dollars. Oh, but wait, there's more! If you hate the P-jeans, you can keep that shitty t-shirt as a free gift.

I would ask, "Who BUYS this crap?" but unfortunately, I already know. Plenty of people that should know better. The same people that buy diamonique and other wonders from Home Shopping Network. I am related to some of these people, and so are you.
I assure you.
There are closet infomercial shoppers lurking all over our great nation.

Also, these "jeans" are a total ripoff of jeggings, which are offensive enough just on their own. In case you aren't familiar, here is a musical explanation of their splendor: 

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  1. *shaking head* I am so glad that I gave up TV. The thought if watching another ad for shit like this makes me feel a little sad inside. *reaching for name brand ice coffee beverage*